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If you're looking for an edge to multiply your income from adding secret sauce to your copy, this will be the most important page you'll ever read.

I'm Louis Burns, Certified NLP Copywriter. When I began blogging on copywriting 2 years ago, I found there weren't any resources on how to learn hypnosis and NLP for copywriting

Sure there were high priced seminars on face to face hypnotic selling skills but nothing specifically for copywriting. I spent about a year collecting strategies from original source books, seminars and actual marketing tests. I've packaged that all together in a course called, "Be A Hypnotic Writer."

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This lesson includes the basics of what NLP Copywriting is (if you didn't know, NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Then I do a detailed critique of a sales letter written by the foremost NLP Copywriting trainer (the one who offers a $1,000.00 DVD set on the topic). And lastly, I recommend a couple of exercises to get your own hypnotic writing juices going.

Here's what you'll get in this first FREE lesson...

  • NLP and hypnotic writing defined (It's easy to understand once you get it)

  • Why your prospects' happiness is most important (And how to go about making it happen)

  • Over my shoulder analysis (Find out what elements make up hypnotic writing)

  • Easy to grasp discussion (I taught middle school math for a living - believe me, I made it as simple as possible)

  • Resources for futher study  (And where to go if there's an NLP concept you're still figuring out)

  • How to improve (What to do to start increasing your own hypnotic writing ability immediately)

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"Louis, I think your "Be a Hypnotic Writer" course is a great introduction to the world of hypnotic NLP writing. My only problem with it is that you're making it so easily available - and I was hoping to stay ahead of the competition! It's easy to master hypnotic NLP writing when it's made so clear, isn't it?

For those who aren't yet sure, ask yourself - what would mastering hypnotic NLP writing give you that you wouldn't otherwise have? I wouldn't advise you to try it out until you feel this is a powerful skill to possess.
- Sean Landon
NLP Copywriter and Marketer